Why, Hello There, Second Trimester!


Oh, happy day! My energy has somewhat returned and I am praising God for the second trimester. I suppose I could blame the pregnancy for my lack of updating the blog, but mostly I just loved spending the first three months with my hubs, the pup, and our bump. And I have a bump (albeit a very small is-she-just-gaining-weight? kind of bump)! Josh probably thinks I’m too obsessed with bump at this point, but he knew I was crazy when he married me. I talk to Lovebug constantly and sing/read to him/her too. It is by far the most surreal and joyful experience that any woman can have. The first trimester brought so many joys and too many worries. During the first three months, Josh and I went to a wedding, I saw my best friend, we went on a beautiful vacation to the mountains, Genevieve had her first summer shave and we had our first – and hopefully only – scare.





As I’m sure all moms and dads remember, Josh and I have have come to the realization that we only have a limited amount of time remaining for just the two of us and we have begun to do more of the things we love to do that will be limited when Lovebug makes their appearance. We set a record for the number of movies we saw at the theater in one week – THREE! Dragon Ball Z, TMNT, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, we know. We are nerds and perfectly happy with that fact. I’m hoping that we will have many more of these crazy and couple-only dates over the next six months (approximately 174 days from now).

After our scare at 11 weeks, hitting the 12 week benchmark was like a breath of fresh air. However, I am not sure that the anxiety will ever go away. I think this is just the beginning of motherhood – moms out there, please tell me I’m not the only one. But the 11 week mark began the chalkboard fun – so it was still a perfect week, scare or not.






And here we are. Week 15 and feeling perfect!


I cannot believe how time can simultaneously feel so slow yet fast. And every second of it is exciting. In addition to marking time using the chalkboard, I love the Ovia Pregnancy app! It tells you how big the baby is in such cute ways. My favorite update each week is the size of the baby’s hand. You just have to see the app to understand how adorable it is. And let me tell you…Lovebug’s little hand is getting so big. Josh likes to give it tiny high fives with his finger! Yes, we know. We are nerds. 

And…that brings the blogosphere up to date on our very joyful nest! I will soon – maybe later today – be posting a fun little bit about Old Wives Tales. Guessing the gender is definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of pregnancy! 

PS: You should look up the verses from our chalkboard updates! Some of them are for fun, some for seriousness. Either way, God’s Word is such an integral part of our lives as Christians and you should enjoy it!


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