Old Wives’ Tales



Some gender-predicting old wives’ tales are just plain ridiculous, some are funny, and some make me wonder…what do YOU think Lovebug will be? He or She? Just three weeks until we see!

What Momma Thinks This tale simply states that momma’s intuition knows best. Since I found out that Lovebug was inside me, I have felt like this precious miracle was a boy…just like his Daddy. Boy

Dreams If a momma dreams that baby is certain gender, it will be the opposite. Well I have had three dreams about gender since conceiving. Two were girl dreams and one was a boy. So I’m going to say that this tale results in Boy.

Morning Sickness If the momma has morning sickness throughout her pregnancy, she is carrying a girl…Girl

Momma’s Body This has been, by leaps and bounds, the most funny of old wives tales because I have had THREE ladies tell me what I’m having solely based on my rear end. One lady simply said, “Turn around. I’ll tell you what you’re having.” It was one of the best gender-guessing moments so far. This myth states that if the mom is carrying low or narrow, it’s a boy. If the mom is carrying high or wide, it’s a girl. I’ve also read – very similar to the first part – that gaining weight in the hips and thighs means a girl, while extra weight in the front means a boy. Well two ladies said boy and one said girl. So this myth is Inconclusive – Maybe Boy.

Cravings Almost every tale I’ve read about cravings state that if you are craving sweets then you are having a girl. If you are craving salty food, you are having a boy. Clearly this result is a boy because all I want to eat is tomato soup, bacon, and granola bars. Occasionally, it’s grapes. But mostly just salty delights. Boy

Pregnancy Glow Let’s just say I’m not a fan of this lovely myth: If the baby steals your beauty (aka: you have acne, your hair isn’t as luscious anymore, or you feel ugly…) it’s a girl. On the contrary, if you feel more beautiful than ever…you’re having a boy. Sadly, this myth for this mommy means Girl.

Sympathy Weight This one makes me giggle. If Daddy gains weight while Momma is pregnant, it’s a girl. Which makes Team Cox a Team Pink. Girl

Heart Rate If the baby’s heart rate is higher than 140, it’s a girl. If lower than 140, it’s a boy. Girl

Chinese Gender Calendar This is win for Team Blue. Boy

Daddy’s Guess Okay, this isn’t a myth or old wives’ tale, but I think it’s pretty important to include. Daddy’s P.O.V.: Josh’s opinion is that there is a 50/50 chance, but because I am so certain it’s a boy, he is Team Pink. (Silly Daddy…doesn’t he know Momma’s almost always right?!) Girl

Big Sister’s Guess We have done several games with Genevieve to see what she thinks her little sibling will be. Her guess? It’s her healthy little HUMAN!

So now it’s your turn…tell us what you think our Lovebug will be! Are you Team Blue or Team Pink?


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