Mothers of Television and Hollywood: Where I Find Most of My Inspiration

Yes, we have established that I am a nerd. A large portion of my nerdiness is solely devoted to television. Thus, when thinking about the type of mom I hope to be one day, much of my inspiration has come from television or movies. So I thought I would collect my favorites into one article. Without further ado, here are my top 5 Moms of TV.

Lorelai Gilmore

“Gilmore Girls”





gilmore girls

Is this a surprise to anyone? Lorelai Victoria Gilmore is absolutely my number one TV mom. Not only did she raise her daughter to believe in herself and support her every step of the way – even during the married-Dean-and-stupid-Rory moment or that dark time in season 6 that we won’t talk about – but she did it with flair and crazy amounts of love. This show is obviously my favorite, but I think Lorelai would have made the list even if it weren’t. She’s the perfect example of a tv mom. I cannot begin to list all of the many, many, many scenes in which she proved what an insane and perfect mother she was. Although Rory’s first break up with Dean, Rory’s first night at Yale, Rory’s struggle through her junior year of university, and their reunion scene come to mind. Lorelai’s ambitious work attitude, witty repertoire, fabulous love of fashion and never-ending love for her child have encouraged many single and married moms alike for over a decade now. The day this show ended was a very sad day indeed. But Lorelai Gilmore’s motherly inspiration will live forever. (And hopefully be manifested again in a movie!) She is exactly what I hope to be to my baby come February 2015 (except I will have an amazing and supportive husband to help me through the long nights and endless screams I am anxiously awaiting.) I love Lorelai Gilmore and soon you’ll see how much.

Haley James Scott

“One Tree Hill”





Oh, how I love Haley James Scott. She is intelligent, funny, passionate, kind, and an all-around fantastic mom! If you’ve watched the show, you will not soon forget the almost too-adorable scenes between Haley and Jamie. She was a young first-time mom that learned and matured with her husband. She always fought for her family, never giving up on their bond despite Nathan’s horrible accident or her severe depression. Haley survived it all and just when everything was perfect, she had another adorable baby – a little girl this time – giving us a glimpse of what pregnant Haley is like: silly, emotional, and oh so cute.

Molly Weasley

“Harry Potter”




There should never be a list of inspirational fictional moms without Molly Weasley. The woman had seven children for heaven’s sake – six of those children being boys! She kept her full house orderly, clean and running smoothly. But none of those traits make her the wonderful mother she inspires in me. No, that would be her devotion to her husband and children, her fierce love and the scene when she killed Bellatrix Lestrange. If you’re being honest with yourself, then you will admit that that scene is one of the best mom scenes of all time. I wish I could quote the infamous line, but I’ll restrain myself. Every reader (and film watcher) will remember the pain they felt for her when she lost Fred and the reverence for Molly when she comforted her family through her own grief. Yes, Molly Weasley is amazing.

Charlotte York

“Sex and the City”




Charlotte Pregnant in Sex and The City Movie


This TV mom spoke directly to my infertile heart throughout the show. We watched as she searched for her perfect Prince Charming – and eventually found him in Harry. I was so happy as she began her life with Harry, her imperfect Mr. Perfect. He was awesome and I couldn’t wait to see them have a baby because surely the writers were going to write a baby into the show for this sweet on-screen couple. But I will never forget the episode after her miscarriage, when she bravely got dressed, inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, and walked out of her apartment in the large frame sunglasses to attend her best friend’s son’s birthday party. And then she did find her happily-ever-after with Harry when they adopted Lily and later had their miracle, Rose. And one more reason I loved Charlotte York was her very real struggle as a mom with two young girls and trying to be perfect. When she locked herself in the pantry to hide for just a moment from her life. I think that hit the nail on the head for many moms and encouraged me to remember that it’s okay to not be perfect and to never give up.

Fran Drescher

“The Nanny”



Although she was not technically their mother but their nanny, Fran raised Mr. Sheffield’s three children – and they adored her. Who wouldn’t love a nanny/mom that is just crazy enough to teach you what you need to know plus a little more for good measure? The lessons Fran taught are not necessarily the lessons I hope to teach my children or in her manner either. But the way she loved her children, fought for them and all of this with such style – that I hope to imitate soon. Don’t get me wrong – I just loved how crazy she was! When Fran finally started dating Mr. Sheffield, everything fell into place. They dealt with miscarriage together and then when they got pregnant, what a journey it was to watch! So much leopard print!


Old Wives’ Tales



Some gender-predicting old wives’ tales are just plain ridiculous, some are funny, and some make me wonder…what do YOU think Lovebug will be? He or She? Just three weeks until we see!

What Momma Thinks This tale simply states that momma’s intuition knows best. Since I found out that Lovebug was inside me, I have felt like this precious miracle was a boy…just like his Daddy. Boy

Dreams If a momma dreams that baby is certain gender, it will be the opposite. Well I have had three dreams about gender since conceiving. Two were girl dreams and one was a boy. So I’m going to say that this tale results in Boy.

Morning Sickness If the momma has morning sickness throughout her pregnancy, she is carrying a girl…Girl

Momma’s Body This has been, by leaps and bounds, the most funny of old wives tales because I have had THREE ladies tell me what I’m having solely based on my rear end. One lady simply said, “Turn around. I’ll tell you what you’re having.” It was one of the best gender-guessing moments so far. This myth states that if the mom is carrying low or narrow, it’s a boy. If the mom is carrying high or wide, it’s a girl. I’ve also read – very similar to the first part – that gaining weight in the hips and thighs means a girl, while extra weight in the front means a boy. Well two ladies said boy and one said girl. So this myth is Inconclusive – Maybe Boy.

Cravings Almost every tale I’ve read about cravings state that if you are craving sweets then you are having a girl. If you are craving salty food, you are having a boy. Clearly this result is a boy because all I want to eat is tomato soup, bacon, and granola bars. Occasionally, it’s grapes. But mostly just salty delights. Boy

Pregnancy Glow Let’s just say I’m not a fan of this lovely myth: If the baby steals your beauty (aka: you have acne, your hair isn’t as luscious anymore, or you feel ugly…) it’s a girl. On the contrary, if you feel more beautiful than ever…you’re having a boy. Sadly, this myth for this mommy means Girl.

Sympathy Weight This one makes me giggle. If Daddy gains weight while Momma is pregnant, it’s a girl. Which makes Team Cox a Team Pink. Girl

Heart Rate If the baby’s heart rate is higher than 140, it’s a girl. If lower than 140, it’s a boy. Girl

Chinese Gender Calendar This is win for Team Blue. Boy

Daddy’s Guess Okay, this isn’t a myth or old wives’ tale, but I think it’s pretty important to include. Daddy’s P.O.V.: Josh’s opinion is that there is a 50/50 chance, but because I am so certain it’s a boy, he is Team Pink. (Silly Daddy…doesn’t he know Momma’s almost always right?!) Girl

Big Sister’s Guess We have done several games with Genevieve to see what she thinks her little sibling will be. Her guess? It’s her healthy little HUMAN!

So now it’s your turn…tell us what you think our Lovebug will be! Are you Team Blue or Team Pink?

Why, Hello There, Second Trimester!


Oh, happy day! My energy has somewhat returned and I am praising God for the second trimester. I suppose I could blame the pregnancy for my lack of updating the blog, but mostly I just loved spending the first three months with my hubs, the pup, and our bump. And I have a bump (albeit a very small is-she-just-gaining-weight? kind of bump)! Josh probably thinks I’m too obsessed with bump at this point, but he knew I was crazy when he married me. I talk to Lovebug constantly and sing/read to him/her too. It is by far the most surreal and joyful experience that any woman can have. The first trimester brought so many joys and too many worries. During the first three months, Josh and I went to a wedding, I saw my best friend, we went on a beautiful vacation to the mountains, Genevieve had her first summer shave and we had our first – and hopefully only – scare.





As I’m sure all moms and dads remember, Josh and I have have come to the realization that we only have a limited amount of time remaining for just the two of us and we have begun to do more of the things we love to do that will be limited when Lovebug makes their appearance. We set a record for the number of movies we saw at the theater in one week – THREE! Dragon Ball Z, TMNT, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, we know. We are nerds and perfectly happy with that fact. I’m hoping that we will have many more of these crazy and couple-only dates over the next six months (approximately 174 days from now).

After our scare at 11 weeks, hitting the 12 week benchmark was like a breath of fresh air. However, I am not sure that the anxiety will ever go away. I think this is just the beginning of motherhood – moms out there, please tell me I’m not the only one. But the 11 week mark began the chalkboard fun – so it was still a perfect week, scare or not.






And here we are. Week 15 and feeling perfect!


I cannot believe how time can simultaneously feel so slow yet fast. And every second of it is exciting. In addition to marking time using the chalkboard, I love the Ovia Pregnancy app! It tells you how big the baby is in such cute ways. My favorite update each week is the size of the baby’s hand. You just have to see the app to understand how adorable it is. And let me tell you…Lovebug’s little hand is getting so big. Josh likes to give it tiny high fives with his finger! Yes, we know. We are nerds. 

And…that brings the blogosphere up to date on our very joyful nest! I will soon – maybe later today – be posting a fun little bit about Old Wives Tales. Guessing the gender is definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of pregnancy! 

PS: You should look up the verses from our chalkboard updates! Some of them are for fun, some for seriousness. Either way, God’s Word is such an integral part of our lives as Christians and you should enjoy it!