Grocery List and Menu Planner Printables

I absolutely adore organization! So I’ve decided to share some of my organization with you. This has nothing to do with our infertility journey, but a whole lot to do with this Joyful Nest of ours.

Today I thought I would share my Grocery List and Menu Planning Printables with you. I have combed many blogs and searched Pinterest and Google for what seems like hours only to end up with my own design. I encourage you to make your own because every grocery store is set up differently and so is every wife (or hubby). We all have a personal style and you should add your own flourish! But for those that don’t have time, please feel free to use mine!

The Grocery List is easy to figure out, but I do have an odd Menu Planner. I use the same planner each week (in a clear sheet protector). There are six spaces for every day of the week – including one that is labeled Saturday/Sunday. I use Post-it Notes so that I can simply toss the Post-its when that week is done. And that’s it!

Please enjoy the Grocery List and Menu Planner for your personal use!

Menu Planner Picture



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